Sunday, July 17, 2011

Farmer's Wife Quilt Along

I have joined a Farmer's Wife Quilt Along group on Flickr.  I think there are actually several groups doing a QAL based on the book (The Farmer's Wife Sampler Quilt by Laurie Aaron Hird).  I happened upon this particular group through another blog (  She and are the group admins.  Like a number of the members, I tried to resist - it's a year-long project, I've already got too many projects going, and the blocks are pretty darn small.  Still, at this moment there are 701 members and it's fascinating to see how different the same block pattern can turn out just by the choice of fabric. 

I think it's week 8 of the quilt-a-long, and the guideline is 2 blocks per week.  I've got 14 done, so a little bit of catch up in my future... 
I skipped through the book for the bottom right block - #73 Rainbow Flowers.  I needed an easier one to complete - and, frankly, I couldn't face another triangle today.  These sampler blocks are a great way for a self-taught sewer to learn new skills and get some practice.  I guess I'll get better at piecing the triangles, but it certainly isn't a natural talent for me.  That darn Red Pepper Quilts comes up with the most fabulous quilts using lots of triangles.  perfectly pieced - points all matching and everything laying flat.  stunning.  good to know where I can find 'em 'cause I don't think it's going to be here....

Also finished this week the triangly purple/pink block top left - #13 Buckwheat.  love the colors, but I'm probably going to have to come up with a very sedate sashing for this when it's time to put the blocks all together.  My plan at this point is to make 2 laptops instead of one bedsize quilt.  bit of brightness for the couch, and then there's no fighting between me and the teen over who gets the blanket during movietime.


  1. I love the lizard in the middle of Attic Windows!

  2. I love that little echino lizard, too. His friends have gone to my niece's house, couple of young kids' birthdays and they're climbing my curtains, too. The last one just found a home half-hidden in the flowers of the Buckwheat block. He had scrambled so close to the selvedge that it was impossible to get a full view of him, but I just couldn't bear to trash my last little lizard. :-)

  3. your farmers wife blocks look gorgeous - and your pickle dish quilt is sensational - well done you! i'm a fan of kaffe's colour theory too and have too many of his books!!

  4. i really like your fwqal blocks. your scottie dogs are terribly cute, too :) thanks for stopping by my blog!