Saturday, July 30, 2011

FWQAL Week 9 (plus a few days)

I was going to try paper piecing blocks for this week because of some others in the group and their success with that method - but I don't really mind the templates.  once I got them sized correctly!  :-)

I do struggle with the triangles (though they're getting a little easier) and the blocks with LOTS of pieces...  so I went out of order and chose some blocks that seemed to have fewer pieces than others.

my 15th block - number 30 in the book - "End of Day" was deliciously easy to put together.  I spent a little time deciding on the pink fabric, but immediately liked the multi-colored polka dots against the black and white dots.  I can't remember what the pink flowers are called - they were ordered for Lili's quilt.  The others are Robert Kaufman "Pimatex Basics" and Lakehouse Dayz DotZ which I bought from  I know I've got the name of that fabric written down somewhere. 

then block #31 "Evening Star" which makes it seem as if there might've been a theme going in my head...  using that Amy Butler Water Bouquet fabric I love so well.  I bought it at Quiltology in Chicago, though it's no longer there.  I keep looking in the fat quarter bins as if it might magically show up again but it is a few seasons old.  Good thing there are still so many wonderful fabrics out there to enjoy.  and plenty more to come!!!  That's part of the fun of the flickr group - looking at other sewers' blocks is a peek into their fabric stashes and has made my fabric wish list grow quite long.  :-)

my 17th block might just be my favorite so far!  It's block #29 from the book - "Economy".  I think I've gotten better at cutting and piecing the templates as it turned out exactly at 6 1/2 inches and the points are pretty good on this one.  Sometimes my head can't seem to grasp the difference of the blocks printed square in the book and then being oriented on point in the finished quilt.    I'm especially proud of how I cut the fish and scallops for this block, but I swear there was a bit of head scratching over this one and then the squares seemed to keep turning and scallops this way and bubbles that ... maybe I'd been a little too long at the sewing table but anyhow this is another fabric I found at EQuilter - "Goldfish" in teal from Play Date by Patty Young for Michael Miller. 

so if I get 3 done this week, then I'll be caught up to the group.  if only I didn't need that pesky 9 to 5...

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