Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pickle Dish Quilt

The top is done...  took me almost a year - mostly because this is my first encounter with curved piecing and before this, I really didn't have much sewing experience.  In fact, the first few blocks were so awful they had to be scrapped.  also took so long because it kept getting pushed aside for other projects.  Since this one's for me there isn't really a deadline, but I hope I get it done before winter comes around again.  since my California dreamin' is still just dreamin'.   

but the longer it took me to put together, the more reasons I found for going back to the fabric shop!!!  hee hee... 

also my first experience with paper piecing - works well and kind of fun until you have to rip all the paper off.  I'll probably be finding paper bits under the couch and around the apartment for awhile.

My mother made a number of fan quilts when I was younger (and hated that my mother was a QUILTER!) and I think that may have been one of the reasons I was attracted to this pattern.  Making the fan parts of the pickle dishes was fun.  hardly mattered that there were 96 of them.  yup - 96.  so take a good look - might've been fun to make and I'm sure I'll love it on my bed, but it's probably the first and the last pickle dish I'll be making.

I love the wild unrestrained colors and patterns Kaffe Fassett uses and have a couple of his books and lots of his fabric.  sorta feel like you have to actually use one of the patterns in the books if you're going to buy them - and this is the one that jumped out at me. The design is from Fassett's "Quilt Romance" book.  I changed the border, and obviously the color scheme.  It might look random - but there is actually some thought to all the color in this - check out my quilt geek notebook!  (This is the part where MY daughter is embarrased that she has a QUILTER mom.)

Here's my first attempt at trying to get a photo of a bed-size quilt top. 
and that's my first blog post - I'm sure it'll get better with practice.  just like quilting.  :-)


  1. Wow, this is so impressive. I love your color choices, and you should be so proud of yourself as a newish quilter, this pattern is challenging and you certainly pulled it off. Glad to hear that you are keeping it for yourself. Congrats from California :)

  2. Your quilt is stunning! I love your color much fabric did you use to make this quilt? Just the pickles not the black......Great job!

  3. Hello California! Land of my dreams... This quilt was a lot of work and not really a beginner's project - except that if someone is willing to scrap a few blocks and rip a ton of seams in the beginning, it's a great way to learn. I'm almost afraid to quilt it for fear that I'll spoil it!

    Wendy - I'll have to see if I can figure out the fabric needs. I had no fabric before this project, so I was stash-building and just kept adding in fabrics. I didn't really know what pattern I wanted from the fabrics until about 3/4 way through. There's 9 spokes per fan and the spoke pieces are about 2" x 4" and I think the squares might be around 4".

  4. I love how you've used the colours in this and those cute little curved corners in the border. For someone with not much sewing experience(are you sure?) this is very impressive.

  5. I saw this quilt on someones blog/linky thing...i love it! i am planning to do one for myself too.

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