Monday, July 25, 2011

summer sewing

so hard to find time in the summer to actually get to the machine.  course that's 'cause there's lots of fun stuff to do outside and more time for friends and I much prefer the heat to snow, ice and freezing cold, so I'm not complaining.  much. 

usually I can find a good chunk of time on the weekend to satisfy my creative needs, but this weekend there was an almost 3 year old in the house friday night (which thankfully translated into very tired dogs on saturday).  almost all of saturday was taken up with my first quincenera experience.  quincenera's kinda like a sweet 16 for a mexican girl - only way more extravagant.  like a wedding, a musical, a fashion show, a really loud family reunion and I don't know what else mixed together.  there were costume changes, multiple bands, two tiaras and a coach on the dance floor.  not a dancing coach - a Cinderella pumpkin kind of coach.  fun was had by all but the sewing machine. 

however, I found a little time to get going on this thing.  soon to be a more proper heading to my blog to replace that temporary one you see up there right now... 

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