Saturday, August 6, 2011

Pink Alphabet Progress...

decided on the placement of the squares, sewing into rows and sewing rows together.  first snafu - out of a panel with 24 flowers, only ended up with 3 for the quilt and need 4.  ...quick little webtrip to eQuilter and another panel of flowers is on the way.  I can work around that one missing square until the fabric arrives.  but argh! 

 also stalking the mailbox for another fabric, which should arrive today.  little pink polka dot that i'm going to use for some, or possibly all, of the letters of the alphabet.  I know - you'd think a pink polka dot could be picked up locally, but apparently not.  I'm kind of stalled without that fabric because I won't be able to decide if it's being used for only some or all of the letters until I SEE it.  Which means, I'm running out of excuses to avoid the dirty dishes in the sink.  Boo hoo...  maybe I should go check the mailbox again. 

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