Tuesday, September 27, 2011

and the farming continues...

(109) Windows
(77) Seasons
(97) Waste Not
I've taken to counting how many pieces go into each block - and then choosing the block for the night based on how much energy I have vs. how many pieces I'll have to cut and piece...  with ample consideration given to TRIANGLES, of course.  Am I going to be able to master the art of the triangle?  I think I'm getting better - I have to say - LOVE block 97, Waste Not.  not perfect, but better than what I would've produced just a few weeks ago.  and that my friends is part of the point of a sampler quilt - n'est-ce pas? 

Just got a fabricworm delivery, which included that beautiful deep pink floral from Children at Play by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller fabrics.  I hope they're going to produce it for awhile because I see this being a stash staple for me.

also got this adorable piece from Aneela Hoey's little apples for moda.  look at the turtles parading across the selvedge!!!  so cute.  there are turtles eating apples and making friends with happy little snails - this has to find it's way into the farmer's wife's quilt!


  1. I love that pink fabric. I see what you mean about hoping it will be around for awhile.

  2. Good going on your Farmer's Wife blocks. I just got the book this week, so I may start in on this one late. I hope to catch up quickly.