Saturday, September 24, 2011

Farmhouse Foxes

Three more blocks completed for the Farmer's Wife Quilt Along...

(111) Wrench
started to make Churn Dash and ended up with Wrench. I just love the Citronella fabric and kept cutting... (Robert Kaufman fabrics - Citronella by Sandra Banava and Pimatex Basics)
(17) Cats & Mice
had a LOT of trouble with Cats & Mice and was going to blog about that struggle, but I think I'll just leave it be. :-) I knew I'd be using the Kokka cats again for this block (no brainer!) but spent some time looking for mice. I only had a tiny bit of this fabric in my stash (Timeless Treasures Momo by Alice Kennedy - Woodland Animals) and very few mice left.  forgot about cutting on point.  then got confused by flip-flopping the dark and light as compared to the diagram in the book...  let's just say, I probably took more time to complete this block than the rest of you.

(68) Postage Stamp
I love this block - LOVE the foxes!!! the fox fabric is Anika by Monaluna, also Windham fabrics - Storybook VIII green bopeeps (so perfect for the Farmer's Wife) and Feedsack VI ca. 1935 small daisy, another daisy fabric in yellow from the House and Home collection of Benartex, and the Robert Kaufman Pimatex Basics.

I'm up to 24 blocks now - week 17, so 10 more to make to be "caught up", although, I love that the 2/week guideline is casual and everyone does seem to be going at their own pace.  I haven't been kicked out of the group for being behind or anything.  :-)  You'd think 2 a week wouldn't be hard, but lots of deadlines at work, and a number of projects to finish at home...  and my mind keeps coming up with more projects for the future!  just look at what the postman brought me this week:

this is my third Kaffe book, and I love it!  Quilts in Sweden includes a quilt design by Brandon Mably titled "Seahorse" so how could I not like it?! of course I had to order some fabric after looking through these! 

Does anyone else feel like a little kid waiting for Santa when they order fabric?  I hope the fabric Santa comes your way soon, too, D.

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  1. Ohh yes! Waiting for fabric and books is fun! Sometimes I try to forget I've ordered them so I get a surprise when they arrive. I love your Farmers Wife blocks!