Saturday, September 17, 2011

Scotty Quilt Done

This quilt started out as the back of the pickle dish, but I couldn't figure out how quilting for the one wouldn't interfere with the other.  And two quilts are better than one!  Most of the dogs are precuts from Keepsake Quilting, but I did trace the shape for a few on my own fabric.  I didn't do very many that way - lots of work - but was trying to keep the dogs in the pink, red, orange and yellow of the pickle dish quilt. 
I quilted around the dogs, and some straight lines around seams - but a lot less quilting than I normally go for.  I was driving around today (coming home from the fabric store!) thinking maybe I needed to add more quilting.  I really like dense quilting - but I think it'll be good to keep this as is.  It'll look nice with the pickle dish quilt.  If I ever actually finish that quilt.  :-) 

and yes, the Scotty Quilt has been dog tested by Kodo (boxer), Tink (westie/yorkie mix) and Scooby (she's the alpha of the pack!).
Thanks for visiting us!  Especially Laura from Swing Kitten, Kimberlee the Spunky Diva, Stacy from Fun Fabric Quilts, and Beth from Smazoochie.  It's just so nice to know there are other people in the world who love fabric and quilting as much as I do.  Now off to feed those furry ones and then maybe I can get crackin' on some more of those WIPs.  


  1. I've been flickr mailing this quilt around. I LOVE it. I love your ability to combine the most disparate fabrics & make them look awesome!

  2. you are so sweet!!! thank you so much for your encouragement. I thought this would be the back of my quilt and therefore, not really seen, so I felt I could put whatever I wanted on it and not worry about it being too much. I'm sure it's too much for some people, but I really do like it. no matter which part of it's peeking out from the bedclothes - it's fun to look at! I very much admire the quilters (and decorators) who use more simple schemes, but even when I start out trying to keep things minimal, they always end up pretty colorful.

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