Wednesday, October 5, 2011

like watching a seed grow...

slow progress - maybe I'll be caught up after the long weekend so I can spend some of my sew time on other projects, too!  ;-)  have these three to add to the stack - up to 30 now.  almost had 31, but Century of Progress was a bust.  so here's:

(39) Friendship

(108) Windmill and
(69) Practical Orchard.  SO HAPPY to use those cute little turtles - hee hee. 

I got myself a little design wall this week (love those coupons at Joann's) and started to think of some layout ideas for this quilt. there's no thought to color on this, just an idea for some of the blocks being on point and some not.  sorry for the quickie post - a little under the weather today - just wanted to update.  I think I'm really going to like this quilt when it's done.  I'm enjoying this sampler business more than I thought I would - and I like having a little dictionary of blocks for possible future projects.  Hope your projects are going well! :-)  D. 


  1. I absolutely love the color on this quilt. Its really get pretty. Cant wait to see the final project. Cheers--Sandie

  2. Your farmers blocks are so pretty, it seems like you're flying through them! The green chicken fabric in your first block is particularly cute!

  3. Donna, I love your Farmers Blocks and the bright cheery colors! The little turtle/snail are so cute!