Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lili's Quilt Quilted

it's quilted!  next up - binding.  deciding on fabric for that...
the lines are a little more crooked than I'd like.  definitely was rushing here and there.  It's so hard to quilt these larger quilts!  I think I'll have to send my machine some flowers later to apologize for our "discussions" while wrangling this baby through a space which really wasn't meant for a large, bed-size quilt.
I find myself comparing my quilting to others (who's sewing I know nothing about!) when I'm at the machine.  I tend to stop and start and re-position all the quilt that's outside the needle space.  Then I imagine that other quilters can sew a line full speed without stopping and I try to match them.  mad dash of hands trying to keep tension and eliminate some mystery drag and keep the thread and needle going in some semblance of a "straight" line...
and here's the Philip Jacobs shell montage fabric on the backside -  


  1. This quilt is spectacular! :) Great job!

  2. WOW!! I'm energized just looking at all the pretty colors and great designs!


  3. Yessiree!! That is one gorgeous quilt!! The quilting suits it perfectly!

  4. This is a wonderful quilt. I love your word blocks! I never quilt a whole line in one go, by the way. In fact I find that straight lines take a while as there is a lot of slow wrangling for each line, but the result is worth it. Your lines look wonderful to me.

  5. Donna--- Honey, you DON"T need to compare yourself to any one!! You are just perfect for Donna. Cause there is only one you. So, you see there is no one for you to compare your self too!! :):) I like you just the way you are...and your quilt is gorgeous!! but, if you don't want it... please feel free to send it my way!! :O) :O) hehe... hugs.. Sandra

  6. This is wonderful. I love the colours you've used and those gorgeous word blocks.

  7. Starbucks fabric?! What? How? Where?

    I love this quilt - absolutely gorgeous.