Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mimi's Treat Bag

made a smaller version of the Mors bag I learned how to make at the CMQG meeting last weekend to create a little Trick-or-Treat bag for Lili's sister.  Whenever she comes to visit, she chases Scooby around the apartment and has little private conversations with her "meow meow" (SO cute).

I've been hoarding this fabric from Alexander Henry's Ghastly line and this seemed like a good use for it.  Sebastian, the Ghastly's cat is definitely more masculine than my Scooby (and, according to Lili, kind of scary) but I think Mimi will like him.  The inside is lined with a glittery Halloween fabric from Joann's - and every little girl loves glitter!  (There's glitter all over my ironing board now.)  I put a little cat to color and a stuffed kitty in the bag, too.

Happy Halloween Mimi!  (and, oh yeah, look at that beautiful label...)  :-)


  1. What a super fun bag!! I love that it's got sparkles inside. Great photos and yes, that's a very cool label!!

  2. Great cat fabric...LUV the Ghastlies...

    Thanks for sharing the Halloween fun!

    =) new follower =)