Sunday, October 23, 2011

Working on

the back of Lili's quilt (finally!)
using some of the technique from the Word Play Quilts book I got a few weeks ago from amazon and an awesome fabric from Philip Jacobs (for Kaffe) - Shell Montage.  This is the "beige" version.  Most of the back will be that fabric, but I've added a little love letter to my bean...  kind of like way back when I used to make lunches for her and put little notes in with her sandwich.

Also went to my first meeting of the Chicago Modern Quilt Guild this weekend.  I'm still kind of overwhelmed - lots of ladies, noise of the machines and all the newness...  but it was really fun.  They seem like a very nice bunch of women - went out of their way to come say hi and talk to me.  and lend me whatever I forgot to bring.  I had to slam on my brakes for some traffic mishmosh on the way and my sewing machine crashed to the floor.  I think it's OK.  I hope it is - really don't have the time or the funds to be fixing it at the moment.  Yikes!  Then there was a slight moment of panic when I found the park district, but couldn't figure out where "building 4" was.  A nice officer pointed the way to "the knitting club".  I didn't correct the knitting thing because I was laughing at how helpful he was compared to a city cop.  We made these reusable shopping bags.
They went together fairly quickly and easily.  They are the first bags I've made, and they got me excited to try some others.  Of course, I've got to finish Lili's quilt first.  I promised her it'd be done before the cold weather hit - and the nights are definitely cooling down.


  1. I really like the sea shells!! use that one. Hugs

  2. I've got some of that shell fabric, enough for a backing. The scale of it is so perfect. It's lovely that you've put a message on the back. The Modern Quilt guild sounds fun. I hope your machine is okay though.

  3. Welcome to the guild!! :) I was there too but I'm not sure if I talked to you... I was the one with no hair (very very short hair). Hope you'll come to more meetings!! And if your machine is broken (hopefully not) I'll always recommend taking it to Vogue Fabrics in Evanston - Jim is the repair man there and he can fix anything. --usually while you wait (with no fee) and if they have to take it for longer the base fee is $35 (plus parts). Jim is awesome and completely worth the drive!