Saturday, February 4, 2012

Back in the Saddle Again...

needed  a little break, but now it's time to get back to it!  I think that was my first holiday season since taking up quilting - and it got a little stressful!  :-)  so I stepped back for some time, put off some projects until next year, finished what I had to - and focused on enjoying my friends and family.  Sewing, after all, should be an add-on to life - not a replacement for it.  Truthfully, though, I do so love getting caught up in fabrics, and deconstructing and reconstructing, and combining shapes and colors to create something unique, something both pretty and practical....

Remember this one?  She's been taunting me for some time now.  (Yoohoo, Donna!  Have you forgotten something from your to-do list?!  UFO right over here, just waiting for you.)  It has been some time since I started this quilt and there is the real possibility at this point that it might end up being The Quilt That Was Never Finished.  which would be a shame since it was the one that I really wanted for myself.  My daughter says it's her favorite of all that I've made.  That would be Lili of "Lili's Quilt" fame, who sleeps under her quilt with the backside up making me wonder if she even likes the quilt I made for her.  Teens.  'nuf said.

At any rate, the machine is uncovered and threaded again and fabric and quilt bits and bobbins are all over the "dining"room again.  much to do - have several blocks to complete for the Farmer's Wife and the Blogger's BOM.  Would like to finish the Puddle Jumper at some point (but feel no rush to do so) and would love to get back to the Ross Mermaids Swoon quilt.  


  1. This quilt is amazing! Fantastic colours!!

  2. This quilt is stunning -- enjoy those last steps, and you're soon going to have a GORGEOUS (and satisfying) finish.

  3. just really must finish it....I have a king size quilt top that has been finished for two years that I havent is screaming at me from the cupboard!!

  4. Wow, it looks fantastic! Love that pattern and bright fabrics!!

  5. Is this applique or pieced? Is there a pattern name? Really stunning!!

    1. It's pieced, which once I got the hang of (curved piecing) seemed easier, or at least less time- consuming, than appliqué. It's from a Kaffe book, Quilt Romance, which is a pretty book, even if you don't end up using any of the patterns. :-)