Sunday, April 29, 2012

some color for my desk with help of a fun new ruler


I have several rulers, as I’m sure you do.  I’m certain quilters cut straight edges long before plastic was invented, but I really can’t imagine sewing without my 24” ruler.  It’s in good condition and not in need of replacing, so I don’t really NEED a new ruler and I have a couple of triangle rulers that probably won’t get used.  But I’ve been a fan of Jenny’s quilts at Sew Kind of Wonderful for awhile now and was waiting for her ruler to be available for purchase.  Her piecing and her quilting are phenomenal.  I can’t quilt the way she does – but now, thanks to her Quick Curve Ruler – I should be able to master some of her fabulous quilt blocks.  034

To give you an idea…  I started and finished this project today.  I work in an office that is painfully beige.  walls, carpet, desks, files.  a very dull beige.  If you’ve read more than one post of mine and seen any of my quilts, you can imagine how difficult that is for me.  :-)  so, I buy decorative folders, have plants, and make myself little desk mats.  They protect the furniture from any overwatering of plants or coffee spills and add some color to my 9-5 space.  I decided this weekend that it’s time to replace my mat with a new one, and that making one would be a good way to test out this ruler.  008 This is 4 blocks (with an extra piece added to each end) and took me just a couple hours to piece this morning – including some fabric changes and seam-ripping.  I only had to rip my first seam – it was that easy to get the hang of.  I watched the YouTube tutorials on Jenny’s website and was up and running almost right away.  It was still stop and go sewing for me – but I’m a readjuster with most of my piecing and I was almost full speed by the last block.    035

Kaffe Fassett Red Serape Stripes; Pat Bravo Oval Elements in Crocus; Tina Given’s Pernilla’s Journey Parrot Jungle (Watermelon?); Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Passion Lily in Fern

I love the bead shapes this ruler makes – they remind me of those little plastic Pop It beads for making necklaces.  I’m very happy with the purchase of this ruler and I’ve already got ideas bouncing around for more projects.  something along the lines of a snowball quilt I think… 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Something Different

 Lilis week in EUROPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 044

This year I had the joy of being able to send my daughter to Paris and Barcelona over her school Spring Break.  She went with a group that does European tours for school kids (kids who have parents who will eat PB&J for a few hundred lunches to afford such a thing), 7 of her classmates and a favorite teacher who chaperoned the group.  She asked me what I wanted as a souvenir and I said I wanted one really good picture of the Eiffel Tour – and so she took this picture for me. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

What can I say?  There's supposed to be a dining room in here somewhere! 

Little to no progress... the third (of four) blocks is ready to be put together tonight.

And just to add to the insanity, I've got another project in mind to start....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Summer Love Swoon

003another Swoon – shocker!  :-)

background Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen in Taupe

Joel Dewberry Chrysanthemum in Jade from Heirloom Collection for Free Spirit Fabrics and Pat Bravo Retro Harmony in Cocoa from Summerlove Collection for Art Gallery Fabrics

Pat Bravo Tokens of Love in Aqua (Summerlove, Art Gallery Fabrics) and Joel Dewberry Ribbon Lattice in Amber (Heirloom, Free Spirit Fabrics) 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fast Food


this is our version of fast food.  first time I offered bean and avocado burritos to Lili she was all “what’s this?” with THAT look on her face that teens are so good at making.  then she asked for seconds.  now she asks for this meal at least once a week.  tonight she said this is now her favorite meal.  :-) 

she eats chips and salsa while I heat the beans, cut the avocados and warm the tortillas.  It comes together in less than 5 minutes, tastes yummy and is very filling.  and vegan.  

tomorrow I have a day off of work for some much needed relaxation.  which hopefully means a day of sewing!!!  so next time I’ll have some quilting fun to share with you.  until then – bon appétit!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elephant Sighting


crossing the rocky terrain looking hungry…


enjoying some bark and leaves…


Oh no – has he heard us???


off he goes – in search of a more private dining room…

Heather Bailey pattern – effie & ollie – finished in one evening – ok, one long evening, but still fairly quick to complete.  He’s only about 4 inches tall, so parts to turn outside out and stuff present some challenge, but pattern is easy to read and requires very little fabric.  He’s perfect pin cushion size, but destined to cheer up a coworker’s desk.  hopefully, she’ll ignore his belly seam – he’s a little overstuffed, and some of the stitches show more than I’d like them to.  I got this pattern to go with an elephant themed boy’s room, to accompany a baby quilt that I’ve just started and I wanted to test out the pattern.  

fabric is from the Silent Cinema collection from Jenean Morrison for Free Spirit Fabrics, “Pink Premiere”, which I wish I would’ve appreciated a little more when it was more widely available.  I really like it for this little guy and I think my friend will be happily surprised when she sees him sitting on her desk.  :-)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012



This is what my daughter’s room looks like…  nearly every inch of wall is covered with pictures of One Direction.  If you live in a teen-free zone, that’s the boy band of the moment.  and bean is OBSESSED.  so when I saw this fabric at Fat Quarter Shop, I had to buy some.


London by The Henley Studio for Makower UK.  London Icons, I Love London, and London Blocks.  I decided to try my hand at pillow-making.  and then sewed the fastest I ever have – trying to finish the pillow for the bean before she figured out what I was doing.  I was just closing up the pillow when she noticed – but she got a goofy little grin of joy, which made it alright.  She’s so close to adulthood, that I just really treasure those moments when the little girl I remember flashes across her face. 

I just love her so much!  Enough to listen to One Direction day and night…


but, hey, if anyone happens to have influence with those boys – could you ask them to get back to the recording studio???  If it’s 1D all the time, it’d sure be nice to hear a NEW song. 

Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Really Nice Thing Happened to Me

I love flickr and have been admiring Claudia’s work for some time now, and she’s been very supportive of my sewing, and now my blogging, too.  She was given the LIEBESTER AWARD and asked to pass the award to 5 more bloggers – and thought of me!  She can be found in the blogging world here (armchairquilter).  Thank you Claudia!!!!  It just so happens I was having a really bummer day when I opened your email – you really cheered me up and got my quilting mojo back in drive.  And your post photo inspired my post photo.  :-)
The Liebester (German for favorite) Award is given to bloggers with 200 followers or less – encouragement and exposure all at once.  The blogger awarded can link back to the giver (and for fun you can keep following the links back and add some cool blogs to your blogger list) and then also pass the love forward to 5 favorites of your own.  I can say for myself – it’s really hard to narrow down to 5 – there’s just a lot of talent in the quilting world.  These are my picks:

caliquilter I “met” Joan through flickr.  She’s a fellow Farmer Wife Quiltalonger .  I like the variety of her work, including some fabulous pictorial blocks and also the fabrics she chooses.  Her projects are always happy and upbeat and sure to make you smile.

pixiecup-industries-banner-4  Phoebe does some really beautiful work.  Her color palette tends more towards the cools and blues than mine does – maybe that’s why her work is so soothing to me?  Lately looking at her blog, I’m hoping to improve on my own triangle piecing…  a lot of HST’s going on!

Modern Amish Blog Title I just found Lindsay recently – again by perusing the photo aisles of flickr.  She is also working on Camille Roskelley’s Swoon pattern, which I’m really almost certifiably obsessed with.  I looked at her Swoon photos, and then was intrigued with her name – Modern Amish.  I love blogs for the quilting stuff – but I really enjoy seeing a bit of the other parts of people’s lives, too and she has some really fun stuff – she seems to do it all, clothing, gardening, mothering and cooking!  Her photography skills are great, too.

equilibrium quilt An absolute favorite favorite blog.  Beautiful work.  Really inspiring colors, patterns and piecing.  Plus that tres adorable label!  I’m actually surprised that Cinzias not one of the bigger blogs (think Oh Fransson or Red Pepper Quilts) out there.  I follow her on flickr, too. 
60448229@N03 Fun Fabric Quilts another website full of great work and beautiful colors, but also enough of all that other stuff that happens when we’re not at the sewing machine to keep me coming back for more reading.  Stacy is also on flickr and part of the Farmer’s Wife QAL.  Such a wonderful combo of piecing, applique – solids and patterned fabric.  
Thank you ladies for sharing your work with the online quilting community and for inspiring me.  I look forward to seeing what next you will come up with!  Happy sewing – and blogging to us all.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Fun Mail

I haven’t finished this third Swoon block yet, but I wanted a picture of it “as is” because I think this shape would make a nice block, too. A Swoonish quilt, if you will…
I also got this in today’s mail:
a fun little llama print from Laurie Wisbrun at – a fat quarter and a pillow panel.  Who knows when I’ll find time to make a pillow, but I didn’t want to miss out on this guy.  SO CUTE!!!  my daughter asked me in a funny way if I was going to make it for my bed – I think I might need to order a second set to make a pillow for her!  he needs a name….  and possibly some polar bear friends.

(later) was walking the dogs when I thought *duh* Lorenzo!  His name is Lorenzo Llama.  :-)

Sunday, April 1, 2012


my first Dresden quilt done.  a quilt for another little girl soon to arrive...  with more of my favorite colors -  pinks, oranges and yellows.  The mother chose bedding from a designer whose fabric just happens to be some of my favorites, too!  check out  to see some truly beautiful home designing inspiration.  I was able to use three of her fabrics in this quilt, which will help to tie it in to little Kiera's room...

Taza Pink Lisa and Taza Yellow Ribbon which match almost exactly the bedding in the baby's room, plus some Kumari Garden Sachi in pink that I had in my stash.

 found a new fabric to love - Pam Kitty Playful Posies in Marigold from Holly Holderman.  I hesitated over it for a while, but so glad I got it - great clear, sunny yellow - not at all muddy.  I used it in the white colorway, too.

Paris Paws by Alexander Henry
Always Blooming - Funky Forest Leaves in Melon, Hoffman Fabrics

Persian Wall from the Grand Bazaar collection by Patty Young for Michael Miller fabrics.

love my label! and Hello Kitty saying hello to the Paris Paws kitty  :-)

 great green - Good Fortune - Cherry Trees in Spring by Kate Spain for Moda Fabrics.  and the other green (cute little flowers) Daisy Clouds from Trans Pacific Textiles.

fun graphic Orange Crush - Mola Maze in Persimmon from Timeless Treasures

Froggin' Circle Floaters in Candy Pink from Sue Zipkin for Clothworks

and that awesome owl print from Urban Zoology by Anne Kelle for Robert Kaufman, who also did the heart fabric.

The white background with multi-colored dots is from Lakehouse, which seems to be my go-to for (semi) neutral backdrops.  The pink centers came from my stash, not really sure of the color.  Fabrics not pulled from my stash came from eQuilter and Fat Quarter Shop.

pink hopscotch is from Sarah Jane's Children at Play collection from Michael Miller fabrics.  Love the whole collection!  the orange swirly word flower print is from Red Rooster fabrics, Super Insights by Gudrun Erla of G.E. Designs.  I like putting words like laughter, create, love, hope and dream into a baby quilt.  I've got my eyes on the same print in a green that might just work it's way into the next quilt...

I used a really cute baby print from Cathy Heck for Blue Hill fabrics, an alphabet panel, part of the "Zoophabet" line and cut blocks of it to spell out little Kiera's name on the back of this quilt.

I'm sorry I don't have better photos!  the colors in this quilt were hard to capture - and we had very little sunshine this weekend - all of it was gone by the time this quilt was completed.  But I'm done in time for the baby shower.  now I just have to make a (cheese-less) lasagna for the office party.