Wednesday, April 11, 2012



This is what my daughter’s room looks like…  nearly every inch of wall is covered with pictures of One Direction.  If you live in a teen-free zone, that’s the boy band of the moment.  and bean is OBSESSED.  so when I saw this fabric at Fat Quarter Shop, I had to buy some.


London by The Henley Studio for Makower UK.  London Icons, I Love London, and London Blocks.  I decided to try my hand at pillow-making.  and then sewed the fastest I ever have – trying to finish the pillow for the bean before she figured out what I was doing.  I was just closing up the pillow when she noticed – but she got a goofy little grin of joy, which made it alright.  She’s so close to adulthood, that I just really treasure those moments when the little girl I remember flashes across her face. 

I just love her so much!  Enough to listen to One Direction day and night…


but, hey, if anyone happens to have influence with those boys – could you ask them to get back to the recording studio???  If it’s 1D all the time, it’d sure be nice to hear a NEW song. 


  1. My partner works at a radio station. One Direction were in the studio and the building was in lock up mode because of the crowds. When he was telling me the story I had to ask who One Direction is, I'm so out of touch. I must admit I had a quick listen and they didn't sound too bad.

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