Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Really Nice Thing Happened to Me

I love flickr and have been admiring Claudia’s work for some time now, and she’s been very supportive of my sewing, and now my blogging, too.  She was given the LIEBESTER AWARD and asked to pass the award to 5 more bloggers – and thought of me!  She can be found in the blogging world here (armchairquilter).  Thank you Claudia!!!!  It just so happens I was having a really bummer day when I opened your email – you really cheered me up and got my quilting mojo back in drive.  And your post photo inspired my post photo.  :-)
The Liebester (German for favorite) Award is given to bloggers with 200 followers or less – encouragement and exposure all at once.  The blogger awarded can link back to the giver (and for fun you can keep following the links back and add some cool blogs to your blogger list) and then also pass the love forward to 5 favorites of your own.  I can say for myself – it’s really hard to narrow down to 5 – there’s just a lot of talent in the quilting world.  These are my picks:

caliquilter I “met” Joan through flickr.  She’s a fellow Farmer Wife Quiltalonger .  I like the variety of her work, including some fabulous pictorial blocks and also the fabrics she chooses.  Her projects are always happy and upbeat and sure to make you smile.

pixiecup-industries-banner-4  Phoebe does some really beautiful work.  Her color palette tends more towards the cools and blues than mine does – maybe that’s why her work is so soothing to me?  Lately looking at her blog, I’m hoping to improve on my own triangle piecing…  a lot of HST’s going on!

Modern Amish Blog Title I just found Lindsay recently – again by perusing the photo aisles of flickr.  She is also working on Camille Roskelley’s Swoon pattern, which I’m really almost certifiably obsessed with.  I looked at her Swoon photos, and then was intrigued with her name – Modern Amish.  I love blogs for the quilting stuff – but I really enjoy seeing a bit of the other parts of people’s lives, too and she has some really fun stuff – she seems to do it all, clothing, gardening, mothering and cooking!  Her photography skills are great, too.

equilibrium quilt An absolute favorite favorite blog.  Beautiful work.  Really inspiring colors, patterns and piecing.  Plus that tres adorable label!  I’m actually surprised that Cinzias not one of the bigger blogs (think Oh Fransson or Red Pepper Quilts) out there.  I follow her on flickr, too. 
60448229@N03 Fun Fabric Quilts another website full of great work and beautiful colors, but also enough of all that other stuff that happens when we’re not at the sewing machine to keep me coming back for more reading.  Stacy is also on flickr and part of the Farmer’s Wife QAL.  Such a wonderful combo of piecing, applique – solids and patterned fabric.  
Thank you ladies for sharing your work with the online quilting community and for inspiring me.  I look forward to seeing what next you will come up with!  Happy sewing – and blogging to us all.


  1. Donna, Wow, I am so honored! Thank you so much for the shout out!

    To Donna's followers: Donna is one talented quilter. I so love the friends I have met in the virtual quilting world and I have really enjoyed trading comments with Donna and seeing the photos of her amazing work on Flickr!

    Joan (

  2. You so deserve the award!! And thanks for the links to all those other fabulous looking blogs. I love your white flower photo at the beginning of your post, beautiful!!

  3. Thank You so much for including me in this line-up! I love your quilts, too! And you've just helped me discover some new bloggers!

  4. Congrats! I would have "Liebstered" you if Claudia hadn't already done so!

  5. Sweet! Thanks Donna, for the support and encouragement. What a way to start my day.
    Blessings and happy stitching,

  6. You deserved the recognition and it's great to see this passed on to more talented quilters/bloggers.