Wednesday, April 4, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Fun Mail

I haven’t finished this third Swoon block yet, but I wanted a picture of it “as is” because I think this shape would make a nice block, too. A Swoonish quilt, if you will…
I also got this in today’s mail:
a fun little llama print from Laurie Wisbrun at – a fat quarter and a pillow panel.  Who knows when I’ll find time to make a pillow, but I didn’t want to miss out on this guy.  SO CUTE!!!  my daughter asked me in a funny way if I was going to make it for my bed – I think I might need to order a second set to make a pillow for her!  he needs a name….  and possibly some polar bear friends.

(later) was walking the dogs when I thought *duh* Lorenzo!  His name is Lorenzo Llama.  :-)


  1. I love that you named your Llama. Yea Lorenzo!

  2. oh my! that swoon-ish block is fabulous! why does my mind go bonkers for cerise so long after Mendocino was discontinued?