Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday Land Shark


seriously in love with this guy!  have a friend at work who’s got a weird love of sharks and I can’t wait to see her reaction when she gets to work tomorrow and finds this guy on her desk!!!  pattern from funky friends factory, 16 inches in length, fabric from – Tropical Lei Garlands from Trans Pacific Textiles because my friend also loves Hawaii and has family there…


belly is a Hello Kitty (oxford cotton) pretend patchwork fabric (she also likes Hello Kitty) with some scraps of felt for mouth and teeth.

finished one quilt and one top this week.

here’s the baby Irish Chain, front and back

032 034

and Nora’s Swoon flimsy (isn’t flimsy a much more fun description than “top”?)

Swoon 038

which doesn’t seem to photograph well – hopefully when it’s complete I can get some nicer photos of it.  might help to actually leave the sewing room…  it’s softer than these pictures suggest – I think it will be very nice for little nora.  I’m getting pretty good at the Swoon blocks, and it was so satisfying to actually put some blocks together!  I’ve also learned that Pat Bravo and Joel Dewberry fabrics play really well together.  I’ll definitely combine them again.

I’m hoping to find some time for the Farmer’s Wife QAL this weekend, will definitely get to the elephant zigzag quilt and I’ve got some dolphins in the queue, too.  Pop Stars can wait a little bit and Pickle Dish and Puddle Jumper are also on the back burner.  I’m going to have to re-baste that darn Pickle if I don’t get to it soon…   that would be a bummer!!!  :-)

happy sewing – and watch out for SHARKS!!!


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  1. How cute is that whale??!!! Your friend at work is going to LOVE it! Cute fabric choice too. The swoon quilt zings my eyeballs! Fantastic!

  2. Love that shark! I have a shark obsessed little boy and this pattern is just perfect. Thank you for introducing me to those patterns - there are quite a few that I need to get before Christmas!

  3. Haha love that shark! Just awesome! What a great gift!

    Your Irish Chain quilt is just beautiful!

  4. the baby irish chain is very pretty : ) Have a wonderful Mothers Day

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