Tuesday, May 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday

1 I finished the top of this quilt, which was no more than fabric and a thought last week.  I’m hoping to finish it by next weekend, so everything else keeps getting pushed aside.

side note – it’s for a high school friend’s GRAND daughter.  When did my classmates become old enough to be grand parents?!  I don’t feel that old.  But, my daughter just got her driver’s learning permit this week – so I might age a lot between this WIP Wednesday and the next.  

If you look at the picture too long, you might get dizzy.  I did.  something about the focus.  I really need to learn more about photography.


with my HR mermaid Swoon blocks, who are playing with the sea animals until I can give them more attention.

The third block of the Summer Love Swoon was pieced this week.  Here's what's great about the online quilting community.  It's been pointed out to me since posting this pic on flickr that the top goose is flying the wrong way!  I'd like to think I'd've caught that before gifting it, but what if I hadn't???  of course, now I'm back to an unfinished block again.  Oh the joy of the seamripper...
4This needs to be finished by the end of the month.  I’m a little stumped on the fourth block.  I’m hoping the fourth completes the set, but I have a suspicion that I might need to make a fifth block and put the “extra” on the back of the quilt, which could make for a nice back, so not the end of the world.  I love this light blue Joel Dewberry fabric – I have it in the darker blue for the back of the Puddle Jumper quilt, which is currently on the back burner. 


the elephants are still hanging around waiting for me to get to them.  They’re such patient animals, so kind – they say “no pressure – and hey, that block looks great!”.  I like the support – they’d be nice to keep, but, alas, they too are destined for a friend’s baby.  They have a July due date, so still some time left to enjoy them on my design wall.

maybe they should've mentioned that errant goose?  

and I finished a runner for my desk at work, which wasn’t on last week’s list at all :-) (there’s more detail on that in my last post.)008
hoping to get to play with this week: Farmer’s Wife QAL, Pickle Dish (!), Pop Stars.  thinking of starting this week: Melly & Me Dee Dee, Funky Friends Factory Sammy Shark.  That Heather Bailey/Jenean Morrison elephant seduced me to the softie side (4/15/12 entry, he’s worth a look!).

Happy WIP Week everyone!!  It’s nice to be part of this club. :-)

ETA - the link, Donna, don't forget the link! 


  1. Your Swoon blocks are fabulous! I just posted on Swoon too--I made an extra. I don't know how that happened. You have really great projects going on here!

  2. Wow, you have so many nice projects going on! I love the swoon mermaids.

  3. Lots of lovely things! But I have to say... I just adore your mermaid Swoon blocks! Very creative!!

  4. lots of fun eye candy- really love your swoon blocks even the one with the flying goose who's all turned around- lovely fabric choices!

  5. Stunning makes! Love your swoon blocks.

  6. your swoon are gorgeous - and we all use our seam rippers all the time! ;-)

  7. I have not yet attempted the Swoon blocks, so I commend you... and I'm not so sure I would have caught the backwards flying geese either! I also agree with you about that Joel Dewberry print - so adaptable and striking for a monochromatic print!

  8. My goodness - you have some seriously lovely projects going on! I've gotten my use of the seam ripper as well :)

  9. All really beautiful projects. I really love the 9 patches! Great job.

  10. Wow!! great job on the new quilt...I really really love the bright but soft colors in it.... and driver's permit will definitely age you!!! lol

  11. I love seeing what you have going on over here!!!