Thursday, July 26, 2012

random thursday


i was waiting for the bus when i took that picture – seemed interesting the texture of the fencing kind of mimicking the trees behind it…  after the bus, i have to wait for a train. 



035 girl at work makes balloons for coworkers on our birthdays – this penguin’s a few days old, but still quite cute. 

Starlight Campground 008 another girl at work makes sugar treats for the office birthdays!


027 026 this is what happens when i try to get a picture of my bean…  (what’s with the tongue, kodo?!)



and this is what happens when i leave my camera laying around – she takes funny-face, torture-the-camera-shy-dog self-portraits which i find when i download photos to the computer…


(i confess – i love pictures of them, even if they are silly!!!)






last bit of random – i really want this sign.  it’s bolted pretty darn tight to that pole.  not that i’d do that sort of thing…






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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WIP quilt trip begins

before you were a quilter, did you really understand the phrase "made with love"?


this one is very personal...  a trip both metaphorical and real.  and though i'm nervous, i'm also very hopeful and curious to see where this quilt takes me.

Grab a button:  click on this cute little bird to see where other quilt journeys are starting...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Quilt Con Block Challenge


I’ve completed my second block and I think two is good for me.  I originally thought I’d go ahead and make three, but I’ve too many other projects to work on…  story of a quilter’s life, right?  :-)  The thing that makes me really happy about this challenge is knowing that even if my blocks aren’t chosen for the Challenge quilt, they will be used in charity quilts.  and much less important, but still a good thing, the Challenge pushed me to look at construction and fabric in a different way.  Looking at the two blocks together gives me some fun ideas for another quilt.  someday.


those who know me are already aware that I’m a little stuck in the 70s, but I didn’t realize that “modern” to my quilting self also has the same vibe.  Ah well, do a little dance, make a little love and get quilting tonight! 

(all solids are from Fat Quarter Shops (Moda) Bella QuiltCon Solids FQ Bundle, Pezzy Print and Metro Circles added in - ‘cause it’s near impossible for me to do without prints)

Monday, July 16, 2012

City Dolphins

Two little girls are (hopefully) going to be very happy this week when presented with these dolphins.  Their father asked me if I could make some dolphins after seeing the shark I made for my friend at work - he needed a pink one and an orange one and the Joel Dewberry Heirloom fabric seemed to be just right for that request.  I bought the Chrysanthemum fabric from Hawthorne Threads.  The orange fins and belly are Emily Herrick's Sea Star from Going Coastal collection, pink fins and belly are Jack and Lulu, It's a Shore Thing, Sand Dollars - both also found at Hawthorne Threads.

The pattern was purchased from Pink Chalk Fabrics.  They don't have it right now, but it's a Melly and Me (Dee Dee) pattern.  The pattern looks long, but really isn't that many pieces and came together well - once I wrapped my head around "gusset".  ie, for those of you who have trouble sewing 3D and from pattern pieces, the belly does not go to the bottom of the tail - so don't waste a day of sewing thinking you've got a defective pattern (NEVER happened, ahem). 

I'm hoping I end up with some pictures of the little girls with their dolphins - people should ALWAYS send photos of the little ones with handmade gifts, don't you think? - speaking of which - I must share this picture sent to me by Goose's mother -
too perfect!!!

Happy Summer!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goose has landed!

Goose 1Baby Goose has arrived (and been given a name other than Goose).  He beat his quilt, but only by a few hours. 

mother wanted a pillow for her chair in the room and sent me this link.  This is my second and third attempt at pillow-making and I think it’s fair to say I have some distance to go before I’d consider myself an expert.  I did manage to figure out how to do the corded edges from this pattern, which I’ll definitely do again.  Looking at this pattern originally, I was dreading it – lots of steps and the pattern calls for 2 yards per pillow just for the edging, which is silly.  I guess it’s so you don’t have to connect too many cuts to get the length of bias needed, but you don’t need to buy a cut that large.  I pieced together a length long enough from what I had on hand.  The corded edges were much easier than anticipated, although I got a little lost in Joann’s trying to find the cord.  I wasn’t really sure I had the right thing and then broke down and asked for help, which I hate doing.  not sure why – isn’t that what they’re there for?  anyhow…

Also somehow managed to burn my stomach with the iron.  Don’t ask – I’m not sure how it happened.  Weird late-night sewingness.  asleep at the iron…   I’ll spare you a photo of that!

Goose 4Goose 3  The goose on the little pillow WAS going to be white, but the elephants on the fabric underneath the fusing showed through, so I had to improvise.  I cut the white off, inserted some grey behind and pretended I had intended a reverse-appliqué for that pillow all along.  I think the grey looks better with the color scheme anyhow.  Goose 5 this project was all about bias – too much bias for me, truthfully.  not sure if you can tell, but this is not an HST zig zag pattern.  If I do another zig zag quilt, it WILL be HSTs.  :-) squaring up this quilt was a nightmare and I wish there was less puckering on these pillows.  I sure hope Mother Goose (couldn’t resist that one!) is happy with this gift.  Working on the pillows and the quilt has helped me get more comfortable with bias, which is great.  However, I’d really like to do something with straight forward squares or strips next.  I want one of these Scottie pillows for my bed.  but, alas, I’ve more promised projects to complete for others.  It’s on to dolphins and boy bands next…Goose 2

Kona Coal, Ty Pennington Kimono and Moorish from 2010 in Chartreuse and Gray (found mostly on etsy) and Jay-Cyn Ellie Fam in Grass (fabricworm)