Sunday, August 19, 2012

curious Boxer

 Starlight Campground Flipside 017

just finishing up the pineapples for the back of the Starlight Campground quilt. 

Starlight Campground Flipside 020

sure thing big boy!  mama’s hungry, too. 

Starlight Campground Flipside 035

a very satisfying sewing day and pretty good progress this weekend on the quilt for my dad and stepmom.  only 11 days until we leave, though, so I should probably be sandwiching and quilting by tuesday if I’m going to finish this in time for Road Trip 2012. 

Those pineapples are 16” x 32” and really delightful.  I spent some time today wondering if I could revamp the back with only four and keep two of them for myself, but I purposely chose six to represent me, my daughter, my sister, my niece, my dad and my stepmom.

the idea of them has been sitting in my head ever since I saw this on flickr. 


  1. Look at all the awesomeness in that room -- the camping stars, the indigo & plum, the pickle-dish-y quilt over the chair and now the pineapples! What an amazing back!!! Will the quilt be a surprise? Surprise or not, their socks will be blown off!

  2. Those pineapples are brilliant - what a fab quilt this will be!

  3. I adore those amazing that they're the back of your quilt. Delights on both sides :)

  4. Totally love your pineapples! An awesome sewing space too. So much room I'm completely jealous.

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