Thursday, August 9, 2012

Really Random Thursday, Chicago Boat Party edition

thursday dinner on the coffee table, waiting for Project Runway to start…  Gardein Vegan Lime Chipotle Chicken (hit with the teen daughter and both dogs, so you know it’s good to meat-eaters, too), crescent rolls with Earth Balance soy butter, canteloupe (2 for 1 at the grocery store, but 1 was totally not ripe – argh!) and an awesome salad with carrots, mushroom, cucumbers, avocado and sunflower seeds.
since last I participated in Live a Colorful Life’s Random Thursday, I got to enjoy my city via the annual company boat party.  one of the attorneys has a small boat at a harbor downtown and each summer we leave the office and head to the marina for lunch, swimming, and a cruise. 
 Boat Party 2012 005 Boat Party 2012 013  Boat Party 2012 016  Boat Party 2012 089Boat Party 2012 123 Boat Party 2012 127 Boat Party 2012 159 Boat Party 2012 162 Boat Party 2012 319 Boat Party 2012 326
and because this is random thursday – this is a building I see every day from my train stop – the mural changes every so often.  I keep thinking this would be a great one for the backdrop of a quilt finish, but I’m pretty sure it’ll change before I have a finish, and it sort of goes with the water theme…
and, even more random, a new mug for my desk at work


  1. Lovely pictures - the Chicago Board of Trade and windows pics make great patchwork inspiration!

  2. These are just beautiful pictures!! Thanks for sharing them. I love your city. Thanks also for linking to Really Random!