Sunday, August 5, 2012

Starlight Campground 25 days to go…

 Starlight Campground 025

some years ago my dad, my stepmom and I fell out of sync with each other.  that’s one of my favorite photos of us – we’ve all gotten a little bit older,  maybe added some gray (though I’m pretty sure my stepmom doesn’t show hers any more than I show mine!).  They’ve gone from being boaters to being RV’ers and I’ve become a quilter…

Starlight Campground 012 Starlight Campground 013 Starlight Campground 014 

I made a bunch of stars this weekend (Holy Chain Piecing Batman!) and have the next batch in the making…

Starlight Campground 006  Starlight Campground 018

my dad emails me every now and then with their travel plans – when I say they RV, I  mean they seriously RV for periods of MONTHS – and their current trip involves a stay around Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, Badlands area during the Labor Day holiday weekend.  The bean has wanted to take a road trip and see that area for some time now, and it seemed like a Kismet moment, so…  (checked with my sister that I had the right cell number and then) texted my dad that we were possibly going to be in that area the same time and got great response. 

Starlight Campground 002

made appointment for dogs with the vet, reserved a hotel (slim pickings this close to the holiday!), calculated driving times and distances with google maps, made lots of lists – things to pack, things to do…  and I have to finish Starlight Campground quilt, too!  :-)