Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Seeing Stars


my Mermaid Swoon and Starlight Campground on the Design Wall…

051 057

that Texas star is likely to change – I think maybe the middle is OK, but the star points aren’t working for me.  too much white against the black around Texas.  That pelican came from a Spoonflower fabric order.  I paid $21 to make sure I had a whole and complete pelican for that one star, which tells you something about what this quilt means to me. 

I took a break from projects for others and did three more Swoon blocks for my Heather Ross Mendocino quilt.  also Emily Herrick’s Going Coastal and some Kate Spain Terrain (which looks like sea anemones to me):

90 91 043

It’s going to be a colorful quilt.  AND I’ve begun pulling fabrics for the next quilt – for my sweet niece who currently loves “violet and indigo” – she was into pink the last time I got to hug her and it makes me a little weepy to think how big she must be now.  I hope I get to travel her way soon – maybe I could deliver this one in person to her – that’d be fun.  that is assuming I finish it because I seem to be more of a quilt starter than finisher! :-)


click on the birdie for some inspiration…


  1. I am a quilt starter too! Just love the feeling of cutting into some new fabric...
    I love all of your stars! Your swoon quilt is going to be gorgeous!

  2. Wow, your design wall is huge! How nice to see both of these sets of blocks together. Good call on the Texas Star. That boat fabric is darling, but more contrast would let those points stand out and give a more cohesive feel with the other stars.

  3. Wow that is one very attractive design board ;-) Gorgeous blocks!

  4. I love your wall full of stars -- both swoon-y & travel-y! Both projects are beautiful. And your indigo & violet pull can only be lovely & well-loved.

  5. The swoon blocks are just gorgeous! Mendecino works so well in that pattern.

  6. Your Starlight Campground project is PURE AWESOMENESS!! I'd've done the same for the pelican. ;D