Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flowers and NuBees


today was just a beautiful Sunday.  a good day to appreciate nature’s beauty and to finish my NuBees September blocks.

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I brought the dogs along on my morning adventures.  Poor Tinky really needs to do something about that belly – I think she and I might need to do some more walking…

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after our explorations, I got back to this book


and finished these blocks for Sarah and Lynn

053 054

I received this block in the post this week from Jan (how did she finish and mail it so quickly???).  She had shown it oriented the other way (Double Link from the Shape Workshop for Quilters book), but I like it like this - “J” for Jan.  :-)


… did anyone else notice that Lynn’s block would look great with mine?

here’s all four blocks together


the block design is from Emily Cier and is named On The Plus Side.  If I were making a quilt out of these blocks, I think I’d use non-directional fabrics and use a layout like this

061 070

I’m off to play with that second book, hoping to make Monday a little more joyous in the beige beige beige office I work in…  fabric and frosting – the answer to all life’s stresses.  :-)


  1. Leave poor Tinky's belly alone! I kid I kid. I love your idea for a whole quilt out of those blocks. It looks really neat.
    happy sewing

  2. I ran into your blog over on Cindy's blogroll. Your work is stunning. And these blocks are amazing. I really like the way you arranged them to create a circular pattern! I just got my toes done in the same color!!