Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roadtrip Roundup

thank you to all of you for encouraging me and watching along on this trip.  the quilt was loved and shown off to all my folks RV neighbors, but more than that, it was just so wonderful to see them and to spend time with them and to know that time and distance mean nothing where family's concerned.

and then this one -

which reminds me of this old one -

the dogs, the bean and I all got home safe and sound.  we've returned to our routine of sleeping on the couch between kibble and walks (dogs - not me and the bean) - bean is back to school and I'm back to that job-that-makes-me-wish-I-was-home-sewing.  It was a good quilt and a great trip!  All's well that ends well.  :-)

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  1. These are really lovely photos - I want to go there! I'm glad you had such a great trip.