Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Block Begun

 Sew Buzzy Maychappell 005

I started working on my block for Sew Buzzy, a flickr quilting bee.  October is Lee’s month and she’s requested book blocks for her Aunt Kitty who is a retired school librarian.  Ms. Kitty has a special birthday next year and her niece is going to present her with, what I’m certain, will be a really special quilt. 

Lee sent us some blue and a little green and yellow fabric pieces and some tan background, asked us to make blocks that would finish 12” tall and however wide we like.  Aunt Kitty likes blues, so it’s heavy on the blues, which makes the touches of green and yellow refreshing.  I’ve added in some of my own blues, too, since I’ve got a lot of blue after working on the bowtie quilt for my niece. 

I confess – this is ADDICTIVE!  It’s been fun to try and remember some of the books I read when I was in elementary and high school, and to ask my friends what some of their favorite books were.  and I feel like I could make “books” for days.  You wouldn’t believe how much fabric is spread across the dining room table auditioning for a part in this quilt library.  Lee wants us to embroider some of our favorite book titles on the spines.  I’m not the greatest at embroidery, it takes me a little longer I think then it does for others, so I might end up a little late on the delivery of this block, but I’m looking forward to making more of these books and finishing them up.  I’ve got lists galore of book titles. :-)*

and now, since I still have more of the tan, I’m going to get back to this FUN project!  hope you’re enjoying your latest creations.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

quilts are like people

some are photogenic and others are not.

Madison's Bowtie 008Madison's Bowtie 021 Madison's Bowtie 018 Madison's Bowtie 024

maybe it was the lighting, perhaps she prefers the morning light to late afternoon.  maybe she didn’t wish to be seen in only her top.  could be the location was not to her liking or she wanted to work with a different photographer… 

Madison's Bowtie 027

Saturday, October 20, 2012



is a beautiful day!  seemed like a lovely morning to take the dogs and the camera outside.021 031 050 049 059    075   070037066

I’m going to enjoy some coffee with Tula and Amy and get back to the bowtie quilt.  Later today, or possibly tomorrow, I will make some bee blocks while the dogs nap and the music plays.  or maybe I’ll watch some old Buffy episodes.  Halloween draws near – always a good time to have the Slayer around. 

087010098094 006     

and a picture of Scooby, though she hates the camera, because an October post would be incomplete without the black cat!  hope you all are enjoying this wonderful almost-Autumn day. :-)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

WIP wednesday: the one in which donna goes picmonkey crazy

 009   023

also hard at work on my niece’s bowtie quilt - 026 027

042and a few maple leaves for a birthday at work, that hopefully I can turn into a mug rug by Friday morning.  I have parent/teacher conferences tomorrow night, so Thursday might be a late night of sewing to get this done…   these are tiny – about 3” finished because I’m hoping to get a good number into a placemat small enough to fit on my coworker’s desk.  inspired by recent activity on flickr – this one and this one, that were inspired by this book available on amazon by Quilt Dad and a pattern in it designed by Mrs. McPorkchop.  That’s something I like about flickr – one of my least favorite Farmer’s Wife blocks was the maple leaf.  I thought I’d never want a quilt of that block, but when I saw it done up in some cool fabrics and interpreted in a different way by some fellow flickr-ers, then I could appreciate the block and immediately thought of a way to have fun with it. 

I’ve also managed to do a little bit more of the quilting on my Pickledish quilt.  I’m going on three years making this quilt now – and sure it’s been pushed aside here and there for a lot of other projects, but it really is time to get this one finished! 049 048

so, with that overly-edited photo post, I’m finally making (just barely) another linky party at Lee’s WIP Wednesday…  sure did miss you all, though your progress (and ability to find time to blog about it) has continued to keep me going on my projects.  (so thank you!)

now don’t you just want to run over to and have some Halloween inspired fun with your photos?  :-)