Saturday, October 27, 2012

Book Block Begun

 Sew Buzzy Maychappell 005

I started working on my block for Sew Buzzy, a flickr quilting bee.  October is Lee’s month and she’s requested book blocks for her Aunt Kitty who is a retired school librarian.  Ms. Kitty has a special birthday next year and her niece is going to present her with, what I’m certain, will be a really special quilt. 

Lee sent us some blue and a little green and yellow fabric pieces and some tan background, asked us to make blocks that would finish 12” tall and however wide we like.  Aunt Kitty likes blues, so it’s heavy on the blues, which makes the touches of green and yellow refreshing.  I’ve added in some of my own blues, too, since I’ve got a lot of blue after working on the bowtie quilt for my niece. 

I confess – this is ADDICTIVE!  It’s been fun to try and remember some of the books I read when I was in elementary and high school, and to ask my friends what some of their favorite books were.  and I feel like I could make “books” for days.  You wouldn’t believe how much fabric is spread across the dining room table auditioning for a part in this quilt library.  Lee wants us to embroider some of our favorite book titles on the spines.  I’m not the greatest at embroidery, it takes me a little longer I think then it does for others, so I might end up a little late on the delivery of this block, but I’m looking forward to making more of these books and finishing them up.  I’ve got lists galore of book titles. :-)*

and now, since I still have more of the tan, I’m going to get back to this FUN project!  hope you’re enjoying your latest creations.


  1. oh wow! your books are amazing! I really love the coffee cup!

  2. Your block is amazing!!! I spotted you on CIndy's blog list! You have a great blog.....wonderful projects!

  3. I LOVE this block!! Kitty is going to love it so much:)