Saturday, November 3, 2012

1D pillows done

 1D pillow 005

finished the second 1D pillow today.  added some Modern Citrus Mosaic Squares (Robin Zingone) fabric from Robert Kaufman to the outside edge of the green Clover Dots (Brandon Mably) 1D star and to the back of the pillow.

1D pillow 003 1D pillow 008

with some squares of Emily Herrick sea stars, Kaufman Metro Circles, more Mably Clover Dots and some Michele D’Amore’s Bold & Beautiful orange Crayon Stripe on the back to mimic the mosaic print.  pillows are dog-tested and approved…   the bean is now listening to the boy band – when is she not? – and telling me there’s only a week to the NEW RELEASE.  remember when I was wishing for them to record a new song?  be careful what you wish for! 

1D pillow 012

happy napping puppy (and teen) :-) 


  1. These are great. I can see why puppy and teen are happy.

  2. Love those! My daughter is a HUGE fan. She sleeps with the Zayn Malik pillow i made for her. They'll be performing on X factor tonight!