Wednesday, November 28, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Helping Mrs. Claus

Again this year I have the honor of being able to help Mrs. Claus with a quilt project for a young lady.  Last year it was Paddington, this year it's Cinderella.  I've got Bibbidy-bobbidy-boo and mice singing Cinderelly, Cinderelly in my head most of the day and night.  I rewatched the movie on YouTube - and man that stepmother and sisters were mean! 

the green is Kaffe shot cotton in honeydew and I love it.  there's a slight bluish tint running against the green and the fabric is really soft.  the whole of the quilt has been cut and situated on the design wall - just needs to be pieced and I'm hoping that the softness of the fabric didn't cause me any cutting errors.  Mrs. Claus would never give a quilt to a child that is done poorly, so I'm being extra careful with my work.

I've not forgotten about my poor neglected Bee blocks (please don't kick me out of any bees).  so hard to get all done that needs to be done this time of year.  I'm hoping it's the same for all the bee members so they aren't cursing my late blocks...  here is the sad state of wait for my bee blocks - yes, there they sit, waiting for attention...

 and now my handwork shame is out - ask me to embroider and expect to wait.  I'm trying, but it is taking me much longer than other bee members...  happily the quilt itself isn't late and I'll be done long before the blocks need to be assembled.  but still, the lateness of the bee blocks is weighing on me.  I plan on doing almost nothing other than sewing this weekend to try and get caught up.
and also my niece's quilt - front and back complete, just needs to be sandwiched, basted and quilted.  
and that, my friends, is an awful lot of blue and purple for a gal who loves red, orange, pink and yellow!  :-)  happy quilting!  oh, one last thing - here's my best WIP that's been in the making for 17 years TODAY -
my favorite project EVER!!! <3 <3 <3
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