Saturday, December 29, 2012

Converging Corners Bee Block


I’m not much of a fan of log cabin quilts – or at least not of making them, but I like this way of log cabining.  I made this (late) Bee block for Muriel in the Sew Buzzy Bee.  It was supposed to be done last month.  bad Donna.  I over-committed myself – both with bees and with the holiday season.  I’m opting out of the NuBees for January.  I think one Bee is enough for me to start with and I like this one best.  turns out I like to have more control over the design and fabric used in quilt blocks than the NuBees group allowed for.  control freak.  and possible perfectionist.  which explains, at least in part, why I’ve been late with bee blocks.  I’m still working on the embroidery for the bee block due the month before this one!

the tutorial for this block is here on Film in the Fridge’s website (using some of my favorite laurie wisbrun fabric…)

I’ve still got a lot of quilty catch-up to do…  I think 2013 needs to be a year focused on finishing up UFOs, although, I’ve already started a new quilt.  typical me.  I’ll show it off soon.  you might need sunglasses when I do.  snow hits and I go craving me some COLOR.  :-)


Muriel sent scraps for the logs and that wonderful Kona Stone.  It’s such a great neutral.  I have that fabric in the center in a greenish-blue color, but I can’t think what the name of it is at the moment.  I’ve seen a few of the other blocks on the Sew Buzzy flickr page, but I hope I get to see the finished quilt, too.  I think it’s a log cabin that I will like!

hope you have fun (and safe) plans for this next New Year’s weekend. 

Sunday, December 16, 2012

quilt in it’s home


here’s a fun one for me – I just almost never get to see a quilt in it’s own home.  I had only a week to make this, and got kind of frustrated – had to rip out 11 lines of quilting (not much fun!) but it was so worth it when I gave it to my friend at the Christmas party on Friday.  She likes the quilt, but more than that she understood that the gift was more than some fabric and thread and her appreciation was obvious, immediate and sincere.  It was worth every redone stitch, every early morning and late night just to see her smile and to have that shared moment.  I am thankful for my friends, my family, my job, my health and for being able to make pretty, practical things for the people who remind me that even though life is sometimes hard, confusing or depressing, I do have a lot to be thankful for.  

003 007

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Secret Santa quilt top “data letters”

I finished the top for a quilt I’m making to give away at the company Christmas party on Friday.  dragged the teen to Joann’s for batting and thread this morning after some Starbucks bribery.

data letters 007

I started sewing the top two days ago – marathon *I might just get sick of sewing* stitching session…  I only got the name of the intended last Friday and ordered fabric in a hurry.  It’s meant to match this chair she recently purchased from Target.

The Starbucks bribery included some butter croissants, so our quilt photo-taking roles were reversed and I had to hold the quilt and let the teen take the pictures.  Here’s what you end up with when the person holding the quilt is short, with short arms and the person taking the photo just wants to go home…

data letters 001

or this, which is marginally better…

data letters 004

also the colors in this quilt don’t photograph well.  and it’s a rainy morning in Chicago.  (is that enough excuses for one post?)  I was inspired by these…

back to marathon sewing….  I need to finish this quilt for Friday’s party and the Cinderella quilt for the Monday following and then my niece’s bowtie quilt.  and I have some sadistic fantasy about managing to finish a Christmas pillow for someone, too.  I think there’s going to be a lot of dirty dishes and dust bunnies around here!

more quilt stats when it’s done.  :-)

Sunday, December 2, 2012


cinderella 017 cinderella 034 cinderella 028

top is together….  waiting on fabric for the rest of the quilt.  tomorrow’s goal, and for the week while waiting for the post, is my much overdue bee blocks.  then I’ve one more top to make, which will put me at three to sandwich, quilt and bind in the next couple of weeks.  come the end of the month, I’ll be taking a long post-holiday-sewing nap.  until then, I’ll be plugging away at the machine and watching Buffy on Netflix.  and maybe some Elf.