Sunday, December 9, 2012

Secret Santa quilt top “data letters”

I finished the top for a quilt I’m making to give away at the company Christmas party on Friday.  dragged the teen to Joann’s for batting and thread this morning after some Starbucks bribery.

data letters 007

I started sewing the top two days ago – marathon *I might just get sick of sewing* stitching session…  I only got the name of the intended last Friday and ordered fabric in a hurry.  It’s meant to match this chair she recently purchased from Target.

The Starbucks bribery included some butter croissants, so our quilt photo-taking roles were reversed and I had to hold the quilt and let the teen take the pictures.  Here’s what you end up with when the person holding the quilt is short, with short arms and the person taking the photo just wants to go home…

data letters 001

or this, which is marginally better…

data letters 004

also the colors in this quilt don’t photograph well.  and it’s a rainy morning in Chicago.  (is that enough excuses for one post?)  I was inspired by these…

back to marathon sewing….  I need to finish this quilt for Friday’s party and the Cinderella quilt for the Monday following and then my niece’s bowtie quilt.  and I have some sadistic fantasy about managing to finish a Christmas pillow for someone, too.  I think there’s going to be a lot of dirty dishes and dust bunnies around here!

more quilt stats when it’s done.  :-)

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