Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Finish-A-Long Q1

 FAL 023

UFO confession time: 4 quilt tops (and 1 back) to sandwich, quilt, bind, and many blocks in various stages, but the very first thing I have to complete is October’s block for Sew Buzzy.  Aside from having some personal issues this holiday season, I’ve learned I’m just not that fast or skilled at embroidery. 

1.  Finish and Catch Up (and STAY ON TOP OF) Bee BlocksFAL 034 The end quilt is going to be phenomenal and I know Lee has some time before the quilt needs to be finished (and is aware that I’m taking extra time to complete the block) but jeez I feel bad that it isn’t done.  I think it will be done by tomorrow and then I can put it in the mail.  I hope she loves it and that erases any irritation at having to wait so long for it.  Then I can do my January block for Sew Buzzy and feel good about my Beeing. 

2.  Finish Madison’s Bowtie QuiltFAL 005After my Bee blocks are caught up, then I can finish my niece’s bowtie quilt and send it to her in California.  I wish I could hand deliver it – I miss that little girl.  not so little anymore, but still young enough that I could probably get a squeeze in without eye-rolling and such.   The other two quilts in that picture are my FWQAL top and the Over Under Scrappy Do.  I’m pretty happy with how those two quilts are going to look together, though I think the FWQAL will end up in the living room a lot.

3. Wolski Packers/Bears Baby Quilt                                           Fun Chicago Bears Wallpaper

Before I can work on the quilts for my home, I need to figure out a baby quilt for a house that’s half Packers, half Bears.  I know I can combine Dark Green, Gold, Navy, and Orange in some way that isn’t hideous, but so far nothing concrete has come to mind.  It’s a spring baby, though, so let’s hope my muse favors me soon.

I’ve already started on goal 4, which is a four-quilt project with some Star Wars fabric for four kids.  that’s a lot of fours!!!  I should be able to complete that project before Q1 ends.  I think.  :-)

  4.  Four Star Wars Crown of Thorn Quilts for the P’relli KidsFAL 042 FAL 043

If all goes well with goals 1-4, then I’ll get back to my Mermaid Swoon. I’ve got 8 of 9 blocks done. I’m iffy on the eighth and also toying with the idea of making 12 blocks, but this one’s been hanging out there a little too long and needs to be finished.

5? Mermaid SwoonFAL 033

On the side, when it suits me, I’m doing a few scrappy trip blocks, but I have no time goal attached to that project.  It’s nice to have something without a deadline when I’m feeling too much pressure or just want some “just for fun” sewing.  and I’ll continue to try to find time for the endless quilting of my Pickle Dish.

2013 Goal – FINISH QUILTING THE PICKLE DISH.  FAL 026 (can you say albatross?)

I know it’s not a full confession, but there are 3 other quarters to the year – right?  :-) here’s the linky.  I think I just made it!  (phew)

she can quilt


  1. Love your swoon, and the pickle dish. Hoping to get back to my swoon later in the year.

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