Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 – the year of scrapping and stashbusting

scrappy do 005
or so it seems on January 2nd…  I actually started this scrap project a little bit ago, but just finished the top tonight and put it on the bed to check the size.  the pattern is from a book by Kim Brackett called Scrap-Basket Sensations (Over and Under).  I changed the borders as I always seem to do.  I hope to finish this one before too long – I’m anxious to get it on my bed to help cheer up what can be very grey days during the winter. 
This year I am going to try (same as all of us) to finish some of the UFOs that’ve been hanging around here and I’m going to use more of my stash and scraps this year.  This week I’ve been working on finishing up bee blocks which should’ve been done and mailed already.  I’m totally stressed about them being late.  I’ve one to mail tomorrow and one other to finish embroidering and then I’m caught up.  This weekend I have to start another project which is an obligation (and not as much fun as scrap quilting – for sure!) and hopefully finish that by next weekend.  Then I’m fairly certain I’m clear of the holiday chore sewing and back to the just for fun quilting.  not that the holiday sewing isn’t fun – but adding deadlines does take away some of the enjoyment for me.  I have enough deadlines at my 9 to 5, thank you.  :-)
I joined the scrappy trip along that seems to be everywhere right now.
not really sure if I like the pattern but I’m thinking of sashing instead of butting all the blocks together.  they are fun blocks to make.  and I say that even though part of the process requires seam ripping.  I’ve got too much green, blue and pink in my stash, so I decided to keep these blocks to those three fabric drawers.  I keep most my fabric in a dresser organized by color and it’s hard to even close the green and blue drawers.  and the red, yellow and orange drawers always seem to be too bare.  :-)
I’m still trying to clean the kitchen and the rest of the house which are in disarray from all the end of the year hooplah.  It’d be nice if there were a New Year’s fairy that would just magically put them all back to clean and organized at midnight on the 31st.  alas, it’s left to me.  and I’d rather sew than clean!!! 
Happy 2013!  :-)
WIPWednesday (see – Lee is scrap tripping, too!)

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