Tuesday, March 26, 2013

an Easter bunny

I was lucky enough to get one of the (sold out in one day) Maggie Rabbit kits from Alicia Paulson (rosie little things).  I ordered extra felt (from here) and some Liberty of London fabric (from here).   maggie rabbit 001 the pattern calls for a little bit of knitting to make the cape.  my mom tried to teach me to knit sometime in the ‘80s.  I remember trying to make a navy blue and magenta sweater, which seemed to take forever and never did get finished.  this little bunny cape is actually a really good starting project for someone wanting to learn to knit.  I found a copy of Stitch ‘N Bitch (the knitter’s handbook) by Debbie Stoller at a used bookstore.  That, combined with YouTube tutorials, and I think I did a pretty good job for my first completed knit item.
maggie rabbit 005  maggie rabbit 004 I finished Miss Maggie too late last night to take any decent photos, so I tried to get a photo shoot in this morning before going to work.  don’t see much of my neighbors – but of course this is the morning they decide to ride the same bus as me.  ummm… not quite sure what they thought of this:maggie rabbit 018 maggie rabbit 016 Maggie wanted to take a walk in the park and then she got tired.  :-)
(I had to shorten the sleeves a little due to a cutting snafu.  was so intent on fussy-cutting for the front of the dress, that I forgot to think about the rest of it!)
also, in following the crowd to Bloglovin’, I ended up making a facebook page for sea horse quilts.  (the crazy lady who takes pictures of dolls in the park also gets kind of goofy happy when the SHQ facebook page gets “liked”… )


  1. Maggie is so pretty! I love her little boots and floppy Liberty ears. I'm impressed that you figured out how to knit the cape.

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