Monday, March 11, 2013

Tiles, Trees, Turtle, Terrariums, Tamale Truck

the scrap basket of the weather gods is Chicago. these pictures are a day apart. I got a flat tire and had to walk to the shop after work the next day to pick up my car. guess which weather I got to walk through...

is there any fabric in there?

I've been working on a baby quilt.  and also sketching, cutting, piecing for a flickr swap - Fab Little Quilt Swap (FLiQS), which has been a lot of fun, despite deciding to use 1 inch (finished) squares in most of the design. 
and I have a new hobby - terrariums.  a new pastime picked up after the latest snow storm.  :-)

this guy's got nothing to do with me, but how can I not share? tamales out of a truck with a skull face on it???
and I'm completely thrown by daylight savings time changes.  I was about to link up to freshly pieced's WIP Wednesday!  I think I better call it quits, go to bed and dream my quilty dreams.  zzzzzzzz...... 


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