Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mini for ME!

 FLiQS 033

I received this little mini quilt this week from Edy in the flick’r group FLiQS!!! Love the butterflies, the green has a vegetable fabric – perfect for me (and I think it’s artichokes, which are very yummy!!!).  There’s a “blah blah blah” in the blues, which cracks me up and I love the thread used for the quilting – it’s rainbow colored, like my mini.  She included some great extras – SEAHORSE FABRIC!!!

FLiQS 004 FLiQS 023

FLiQS 022

I love the New Mexico fabric – a little of Edy’s world shared with me, but she also sent me a dragonfly card and fabric.  How did she know that I like dragonflies as much as I like seahorses!  This is a picture of the back of my neck…

FLiQS 027 FLiQS 034

and that little orange container – really clever add-on for a quilt swap.  Inside are some sewing machine needles – and now I have the perfect little box to keep my needles in.

and here’s where my first mini lives right now.

FLiQS 041

It’s the first mini given to me, so it doesn’t have a lot of friends yet, but mini quilts are FUN to make, so it won’t be alone for long.  It seems to fit quite nicely in this little space on my design wall, and makes me smile, so this is where it will hang for a bit.  This was a thoroughly enjoyable swap – I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to take part in the next round of the Fab Little Quilt Swap. 

Still waiting to see how my mini is received…  feel bad that I got mine in the mail so late – my poor partner is having to watch all the received quilts in the group and probably feeling forgotten.  I hope she’s as happy to get her package as I was to get mine!!! and I hope it gets there before the weekend!!!! 


  1. Beautiful! Be careful, they multiply like rabbits....but then your walls will be covered in colorful insulation.

  2. Love these photos!
    A bit of stalking and I found that you love dragonflies,too. A nice surprise to see that you have a beautiful dragonfly tat...woohoo!
    I'm thrilled that my little mini has center stage for now.

  3. Wonderful photos, and such a cheery quilt! What a great one to start with, and Edy sent such fun, personalized extras!

    Your quilt may be running late, but it is a beauty and will make someone VERY happy!

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