Saturday, June 22, 2013

Starburst block for Sew Buzzy Bee

 sew buzzy 021

this one is for Eileen and is actually the APRIL block.  Eileen provided two tutorials

I’ve had the film in the fridge one bookmarked for a long time (on my someday list) so I felt fairly comfortable with this block.  Except these ladies work the half square from left to right – or is it right to left?  For some reason I had to work mine from the middle out to the edges…

sew buzzy 006 sew buzzy 008 sew buzzy 011 sew buzzy 012 sew buzzy 017 sew buzzy 019

I ended up in the ER after my last post with some intense neck pain, dizziness, tingly sensation in my face and numbness all down my left side.  scary!  stress-related which has to do with my 9 to 5 and not much worth talking about here – this is my FUN place.  although, the neck pain persisted for nearly a month and made sewing impossible and one of the things I did to help alleviate the pain and my stress was to get more serious about exercising – which is probably something all of us sewers could benefit from.  Have y’all seen the Prancersize lady?  maybe one of us could come up with a Sewersize workout???  :-)   

Special thanks to the Sew Buzzy ladies who haven’t added to my stress at all despite my being so behind in blocks.  :-)  Hope this block fits into Eileen’s quilt smoothly.  The points aren’t perfect and there’s a little bulk in the center, but I think I did a fairly good job of it.  Now I’m off to see how much I can get done for Lindsay today…