Saturday, March 28, 2015

Greetings from Orange County California!!!


Seahorse Quilts has fulfilled a decades old dream and moved closer to the ocean. 


In February I quit the job I’ve been at the past 12 years, packed up the car with the dog, the cat, the teen and drove from Chicago to Sunny California.  in a zig zag route.  ‘cause it’s me.  We first drove south to New Orleans and spent a day there enjoying beignet and street jazz and then a few days and a few miles later we were at the Grand Canyon soaking up the quiet, majestic beauty of Nature.
IMG_4909 IMG_4986  IMG_5176 IMG_5238FullSizeRender
the next day we were camped out at my sister’s apartment in California with my niece and now while Tink plays with her new friend (my niece’s guinea pig Bubba), I search for a new job and try hard not to get too distracted by the sunshine. 
IMG_5543 IMG_5624
It’s a little hard when there are beautiful waves, surfers showing off and dolphin swimming…  but my sewing machine is in storage until I have a regular paycheck and a place to house all my quilting stuff, so job search I will…  happy quilting to the rest of you!!!  sew a few for me, d.