some things I made and didn't keep or take photos of before I got into the SHQ blogging...  I made an awesome Kaffe quilt for my stepdad (need to visit and get pictures of that!), a really amateur flower quilt for my niece - soon to be replaced with a much better one (Madison's bowtie), and a few others that just never made it to blog land...  plus these:

Koi Pond - wall hanging made for contest at JoAnn's fabrics (didn't win - boo hoo)

Lili's Siren Quilt

Union Jack pillow for 1D obsessed daughter

Irish Chain for Granny Crystal
front and back

Goose Zig Zag
front and back


2 more pillows for my daughter, more One Direction...

HST quilt for a friend at work

my Scottie quilt

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