Starlight Campground

begun July 2012...


WIP quilt trip begins

before you were a quilter, did you really understand the phrase "made with love"?

this one is very personal...  a trip both metaphorical and real.  and though i'm nervous, i'm also very hopeful and curious to see where this quilt takes me.


Starlight Campground 25 days to go…

 Starlight Campground 025
some years ago my dad, my stepmom and I fell out of sync with each other.  that’s one of my favorite photos of us – we’ve all gotten a little bit older,  maybe added some gray (though I’m pretty sure my stepmom doesn’t show hers any more than I show mine!).  They’ve gone from being boaters to being RV’ers and I’ve become a quilter…
Starlight Campground 012 Starlight Campground 013 Starlight Campground 014
I made a bunch of stars this weekend (Holy Chain Piecing Batman!) and have the next batch in the making…
Starlight Campground 006  Starlight Campground 018
my dad emails me every now and then with their travel plans – when I say they RV, I  mean they seriously RV for periods of MONTHS – and their current trip involves a stay around Mt. Rushmore, Black Hills, Badlands area during the Labor Day holiday weekend.  The bean has wanted to take a road trip and see that area for some time now, and it seemed like a Kismet moment, so…  (checked with my sister that I had the right cell number and then) texted my dad that we were possibly going to be in that area the same time and got great response.
Starlight Campground 002
made appointment for dogs with the vet, reserved a hotel (slim pickings this close to the holiday!), calculated driving times and distances with google maps, made lots of lists – things to pack, things to do…  and I have to finish Starlight Campground quilt, too!  :-)


Silent Saturday

002 011 017 035 006


Starlight Campground – 12 days to go…

 Starlight Campground 039Starlight Campground 054
top finished this morning.  tried to finish last night…  cut one star point block too small trying to push myself to finish “just one more” before bed.  argh!  went to bed after that and had no trouble finishing the last few stars this morning.
Starlight Campground 12 Starlight Campground 17 Starlight Campground 15
the top is 72 inches square, with around 25 different fabrics used.  time to get started on the back now…
Starlight Campground 055Starlight Campground 007


curious Boxer

 Starlight Campground Flipside 017
just finishing up the pineapples for the back of the Starlight Campground quilt. 
Starlight Campground Flipside 020
sure thing big boy!  mama’s hungry, too.
Starlight Campground Flipside 035

a very satisfying sewing day and pretty good progress this weekend on the quilt for my dad and stepmom.  only 11 days until we leave, though, so I should probably be sandwiching and quilting by tuesday if I’m going to finish this in time for Road Trip 2012.
Those pineapples are 16” x 32” and really delightful.  I spent some time today wondering if I could revamp the back with only four and keep two of them for myself, but I purposely chose six to represent me, my daughter, my sister, my niece, my dad and my stepmom.
the idea of them has been sitting in my head ever since I saw this on flickr.


Starlight CG Quilted

Starlight Campground 009Starlight Campground 016Starlight Campground 018Starlight Campground 022Starlight Campground 023Starlight Campground 029Starlight Campground 038
off to the Laundromat…


Really Random Thursday, Starlight CG Quilt Road Trip, Day 1

roadtrip2012 014roadtrip2012 020roadtrip2012 033roadtrip2012 038roadtrip2012 039roadtrip2012 068roadtrip2012 085roadtrip2012 087roadtrip2012 120roadtrip2012 127

500 plus miles done…  300 some to drive tomorrow


Road Trip, Days 2, 3, 4

roadtrip2012 005Day 2 started like this in Worthington, Minnesota and ended 355 miles away in Wall, South Dakota  roadtrip2012 013en route, made a stop in Mitchell, SD to see the Corn Palace.
roadtrip2012 022roadtrip2012 029 roadtrip2012 032roadtrip2012 033
made multiple stops along the way for gas, or water and bean helped me walk the dogs  – until she saw this sign and then she wouldn’t get out of the car.
Day 3 was only 83 miles of driving (yay!!!) to get to Hill City, SD, but our hotel check-in was late afternoon, so we stopped in Rapid City (nearest Starbucks) and got our coffee fix.  Then drove through some really scary, winding roads in Custer State Park – beautiful, but not sure I’d do it again!  Next up was the Wildlife Loop in Custer State Park, a much more relaxing drive than the mornings explorations.  The dogs and the bean really enjoyed that part of the day.
roadtrip2012 003 roadtrip2012 009 roadtrip2012 005 roadtrip2012 015 roadtrip2012 016roadtrip2012 021roadtrip2012 041roadtrip2012 049roadtrip2012 050 roadtrip2012 045roadtrip2012 071but the highlight of the day for me was our stop at a campground near Custer, where I was able to give the Starlight Campground Quilt to it’s owners, my dad and stepmom.  happy.  and Day 4 started with breakfast with the parents, more happiness, and a trip with the bean to Mount Rushmore.roadtrip2012 019 roadtrip2012 039


Roadtrip Roundup

thank you to all of you for encouraging me and watching along on this trip.  the quilt was loved and shown off to all my folks RV neighbors, but more than that, it was just so wonderful to see them and to spend time with them and to know that time and distance mean nothing where family's concerned.

and then this one -

which reminds me of this old one -

the dogs, the bean and I all got home safe and sound.  we've returned to our routine of sleeping on the couch between kibble and walks (dogs - not me and the bean) - bean is back to school and I'm back to that job-that-makes-me-wish-I-was-home-sewing.  It was a good quilt and a great trip!  All's well that ends well.  :-)

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